This is a blog to help other self-teaching language learners like me learn the (at times) confusing language known as Korean~ WARNING: At times I may post K-Pop because I have a bit of a fangirl problem ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋFeel free to talk to me!


Happy Black Day (Singles Day)!

There are three unofficial “love” holidays on the 14th of the last three months:
2/14 – Valentine’s Day – guys receive gifts
3/14 – White Day – girls receive gifts (Japan and Korea)
4/14 – Black Day – single people buy black-bean noodles to celebrate/cry about their single hood (Korea-only)

블랙데이 beullaek-dei – Black Day
짜장면 jjajang-myeon – Korean-style (Chinese) black bean noodles

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2NE1- Come Back Home Vocabulary

The queens, 2NE1, tell us to “Come Back Home” with their new song and mv. If you have yet to listen to it, I highly recommend it; and if you have already listened to it, I highly recommend listening to it again^^

  • 떠나다(ddeonada): to leave, to depart
  • 향기(hyanggi): scent, smell
  • 거짓말(geojitmal): lie
  • 갇히다(gathida): to be trapped, to be locked away
  • 세상(sesang): world
  • 여전히(yeojeonhi): still
  • 버리다(beorida):to throw away, to throw out
  • 숨소리(sumsori): breath
  • 끝(kkeut): end
  • 내려오다(naeryeooda): to come down, to descend

Hi Everyone! I’m planning on making a K-Pop MV Vocabulary post. ;3; Any suggestions?

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#004: Markers: - 에서, 까지 & 부터

Covers over the markers: 에서, 까지 & 부터

Also has a little bit of “grammar” in it.

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Anonymous said: Is there a difference between 정말요 and 진짜로 or are they used interchangeably?

Hi! Both 정말 and 진짜 can be used interchangeably (I’m ignoring the endings, but 요 makes it a sentence/declaration while 로 is a particle that deals with direction)~ They both can mean ‘really’, but 진짜 also means ‘real’. 


  • 뵙게 되서 정말/진짜 기뻐요! (Boepge doeseo jeongmal/jinjja gippeoyo! ) I’m really glad to see you!
  • 그 가방은 진짜 골동품이에요. (Geu gabangeun jinjja goldongpumieyo.): That bag is a genuine antique.

So while both 진짜 and 정말 can be used to express ‘really,’ only 진짜 can be used to express ‘real’ or ‘genuine.’ Hope this helps!^^

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Cafes of Seoul

Seoul is home to a wide variety of cafes. From dog cafes to camping cafes- Seoul has them all! Here’s a list of (in my opinion) some of Seoul’s coolest cafes.

  • Dog Cafes- Enjoy your drinks and treats surrounded by man’s best friend! Come hang out with cute puppies for a small price.
  • Studying Cafes- Although studying isn’t my favorite past time, these modern studying cafes give ample work space and a quiet atmosphere to maximize the amount of enjoyment you can have studying~
  • Hanbok Cafes- Come dress up in pretty Hanboks! Plus, for a little extra, you can have stylists come and dress your hair and take pictures for you!
  • Camping Cafes- Visitors can enjoy camping without leaving the comforts of the city with Camping Cafes! People can eat in tents and eat food from grills- it’s as if you were actually camping!
  • Charlie Brown Cafes- South Korea has a chain of Charlie Brown Cafes where you can meet your childhood cartoon friends. The cafe has themed food as well~
  • Hello Kitty Cafes- The Hello Kitty Cafe is one of the most well-known cafes in Seoul. Much like the Charlie Brown Cafes, the Hello Kitty Cafe is full of Hello Kitty themed drinks and foods!
  • Cat Cafes- For cat people, you should make sure to take a trek to a Cat Cafe! These cafes are typically more quiet, but you still get to spend lots of time with your favorite feline friends~
  • Board Game Cafes- Come sit down at a Board Game Cafe and order up a game of your choosing! Just like a restaurant, visitors look through a menu to choose a game. Once your game is delivered, customers can enjoy drinks and snacks as you play the day away!

Expo Bridge at night in Daejeon, South Korea


Expo Bridge at night in Daejeon, South Korea

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새해 복 많이 받으세요! (Saehae bok mani badeuseyo): Happy New Year! Here’s some vocabulary especially for Korean New Year~

  • 설날(seollal): Lunar New Year’s Day
  • 불꽃(bulkkoch): Fireworks
  • 폭죽(pokjuk): Firecrackers
  • 식사(siksa): Dinner
  • 가족(gajok): Family
  • 띠(ddi): Chinese Zodiac
  • 축하하다(chukhahada): To celebrate
  • 음악(eumak): music
  • 세배(sebae): New Year’s bow
  • 세뱃돈(sebaedon): New Year’s money
  • 한복(hanbok): Traditional Korean clothing
  • 방문하다(bangmunhada): To visit
  • 기도하다(gidohada): To pray
  • 떡국(tteokguk): Traditional soup with sliced rice cakes
  • 고향(gohyang): Hometown

I hope everyone has a year full of good fortunes!^^

Anonymous said: Could you make/do you have a master post of all the particles you've explained? I feel like those are the key to understanding korean. That's what I'm missing.

Hi! All of the particles I have made posts about are here, and I will update it as I continue to write about them~

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Hello everyone! Long time, no see~ Today I’m going to explain how to use some new particles.

Noun에서 Noun까지 (Noun-eseo Noun-kkaji)

This expression is used to show a shift in location (Like saying ‘I’m going from school to the park’). It basically means, “..from…to..”.


  • 여기에서 학교까지 멀어요? (yeogi-eseo hakgyo-kkaji meoloyo?): Is it far from here to school?
  • 서울에서 부산까지 갔어요. (Seoul-eseo Busan-kkaji gasseoyo.): I went from Seoul to Busan.

Noun부터 Noun까지 (Noun-buteo Noun-kkaji)

This expression is used to show a shift in time (Like saying ‘I’m working from 9AM until 5PM’). It basically means, “…from…until…”.


  • 점심시간은 오후 1시부터 2시까지입니다. (Jeomsimsigan-eun ohu 1si-buteo 2si-kkajibnida.): Lunch time is from 1 P.M. until 2 P.M.
  • 오전 9시부터 오후 5시까지 일해요. (ojeon 9si-buteo ohu 5si-kkaji ilhaeyo.): I work from 9 A.M. until 5 P.M.

Pretty easy right? Keep studying everyone!^^

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