This is a blog to help other self-teaching language learners like me learn the (at times) confusing language known as Korean~ WARNING: At times I may post K-Pop because I have a bit of a fangirl problem ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋFeel free to talk to me!


The Seasons

계절 - Season
"Season" is a catch-all term for different periods of the year.

봄 - Spring
When spring comes around, there is an explosion (bomb) of color.

여름 - Summer
When summer comes along, it gets too hot to leave your room.

가을 - Fall
Leaves have a lot of gall to cover my yard in the fall.

겨울 - Winter
It is very cold in winter.

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A small collection of words & phrases my textbooks didn’t teach me.

1. 한입 (한모금): One bite. (One sip).

  • "한입에 다 먹어." Eat it all in one bite.
  • "한입만 줘~" Give me just one bite~
  • "한모금만 마실래." I just want one sip.

2. 식후땡: Smoking a cigarette after a meal. Combines the words 식사 (meal) + 후 (after) + 땡 (유행어).

3. 웃프다: When something is both sad and funny at the same time. Combines the words 슬프다 (sad) + 웃기다 (funny).

4. 느끼하다: Greasy. Can be used to describe food, but also commonly for sleazy, greasy guys as well. (Guys who are touchy, say sickly sweet things, so on).

5. 이빨 까지마: Slang for “Don’t lie!” Same meaning as “뻥 치지마!” Recommended only for use with friends.

6. 빡치다: To be angry. Same meaning as “화나다” or “짜증나다.”

7. 또라이: Crazy guy. Psycho.

8. 술고래: Literally “alcohol whale.” A word used for someone who drinks a lot.

9. 밀당: A combination of the words 밀다 and 당기다, or push and pull. Refers to the hot and cold actions guys and girls take towards someone they’re interested in. (Waiting an hour to text back, pretending to have other plans, so on).

10. 문자(를) 씹다: To ignore someone’s message, or read it without responding. Literally means “to chew up” their text.

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익명 회원 said: How do you say "The cat fell off the roof?" Do you know who I am now?

Hello Rachel mysterious anon~ The correct way to say “the cat fell off the roof” would be “고양이는 지붕에서 떨어졌어요” (goyangineun jibungeseo ddeoleyojyeosseoyo).

  • 고양이 (goyangi): cat
  • 는 (neun): topic marking particle (information here)
  • 지붕 (jibung): roof
  • 에서 (eseo):location marking particle
  • 떨어지다 (ddeolyeojida): to fall

Hope this helps!

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Today we are going to learn how to say ‘just' or 'only' in Korean! This particle is useful when you want to express the use of just one thing. Let's get started!

The particle N만 is used to express choosing only one thing or excluding other friends. For example, if you wanted to say “I love only Chanyeol,” in Korean, you would use this particle! N만 translates to ‘just' or 'only' and can also mean 'minimum' when used with numbers. N만 is used by adding the particle to the end of the word being chosen/excluded. 


  • 난 야채 먹어요. (Nan yachaeman meokeoyo.): I eat only vegetables.
  • 난 찬열을 사랑해요. (Nan Chanyeolmaneul saranghaeyo.): I love only Chanyeol.
  • 10분 기다려 주세요. (10bunman gidaryeo juseyo.): Please wait for just 10 minutes.

See? It’s super simple! If you have any questions, feel free to drop by my ask~

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가슴이 아프다: to be heartbroken
Word class
가슴: noun
아프다: verb

Example sentence

그녀는 가슴이 아주 앞아서 잠들었을 때까지 울었어

그녀 She
은/는 topic particle
가슴 chest/breast/sometimes heart
이/가 subject particle
아주 really
앞으다 to hurt, to be sick/ill
아/어/여서 ‘so’ ‘due to…’
잠들다 to fall asleep
ㄹ 때 marks the time of particular actions. sometimes expresses ‘when’
까지 ‘until’ ‘up to’
울다 to cry

"Her heart was so broken, she cried until she fell asleep"


if you are at a doctor and you want to say ‘your chest hurts’, while 가슴이 아프다 is somewhat correct, its a bit awkward because it will sound like you are going to a doctor for problems in your romantic life. instead, use “가슴에 통증이 있어요”, which means “there is a pain in my chest”.

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원숭이도 나무에서 떨러진다.(weon-sung-i-do na-mu-eh-seo ddel-leo-jin-da)Nobody’s perfect.
Literally: Even monkeys fall from trees



원숭이도 나무에서 떨러진다.
(weon-sung-i-do na-mu-eh-seo ddel-leo-jin-da)
Nobody’s perfect.

Literally: Even monkeys fall from trees

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재미 케이크 ( Jammy Cake )

Nestled in one of Idae’s labyrinth of back alleys, Jammy Cake is an adorable decorate-your-own cake shop. Customers can choose from cookies, cupcakes, and cakes to decorate, and customize everything from cake flavor to frosting color, piping tip, and more.

Decoration begins by icing your own confection with a piping bag, and from then, customers can add sprinkles and start sticking on a wide variety of chocolate and sugar details. Each decoration costs between 100-2,000원, which is added on to your total and calculated at the end. When you’re finished decorating, they’ll even box up your creation for you so you can enjoy it at home.

A delectably cute alternative to a boring afternoon in Seoul~.

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Happy Black Day (Singles Day)!

There are three unofficial “love” holidays on the 14th of the last three months:
2/14 – Valentine’s Day – guys receive gifts
3/14 – White Day – girls receive gifts (Japan and Korea)
4/14 – Black Day – single people buy black-bean noodles to celebrate/cry about their single hood (Korea-only)

블랙데이 beullaek-dei – Black Day
짜장면 jjajang-myeon – Korean-style (Chinese) black bean noodles

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2NE1- Come Back Home Vocabulary

The queens, 2NE1, tell us to “Come Back Home” with their new song and mv. If you have yet to listen to it, I highly recommend it; and if you have already listened to it, I highly recommend listening to it again^^

  • 떠나다(ddeonada): to leave, to depart
  • 향기(hyanggi): scent, smell
  • 거짓말(geojitmal): lie
  • 갇히다(gathida): to be trapped, to be locked away
  • 세상(sesang): world
  • 여전히(yeojeonhi): still
  • 버리다(beorida):to throw away, to throw out
  • 숨소리(sumsori): breath
  • 끝(kkeut): end
  • 내려오다(naeryeooda): to come down, to descend

Hi Everyone! I’m planning on making a K-Pop MV Vocabulary post. ;3; Any suggestions?

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