This is a blog to help other self-teaching language learners like me learn the (at times) confusing language known as Korean~ WARNING: At times I may post K-Pop because I have a bit of a fangirl problem ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋFeel free to talk to me!

Cafes of Seoul

Seoul is home to a wide variety of cafes. From dog cafes to camping cafes- Seoul has them all! Here’s a list of (in my opinion) some of Seoul’s coolest cafes.

  • Dog Cafes- Enjoy your drinks and treats surrounded by man’s best friend! Come hang out with cute puppies for a small price.
  • Studying Cafes- Although studying isn’t my favorite past time, these modern studying cafes give ample work space and a quiet atmosphere to maximize the amount of enjoyment you can have studying~
  • Hanbok Cafes- Come dress up in pretty Hanboks! Plus, for a little extra, you can have stylists come and dress your hair and take pictures for you!
  • Camping Cafes- Visitors can enjoy camping without leaving the comforts of the city with Camping Cafes! People can eat in tents and eat food from grills- it’s as if you were actually camping!
  • Charlie Brown Cafes- South Korea has a chain of Charlie Brown Cafes where you can meet your childhood cartoon friends. The cafe has themed food as well~
  • Hello Kitty Cafes- The Hello Kitty Cafe is one of the most well-known cafes in Seoul. Much like the Charlie Brown Cafes, the Hello Kitty Cafe is full of Hello Kitty themed drinks and foods!
  • Cat Cafes- For cat people, you should make sure to take a trek to a Cat Cafe! These cafes are typically more quiet, but you still get to spend lots of time with your favorite feline friends~
  • Board Game Cafes- Come sit down at a Board Game Cafe and order up a game of your choosing! Just like a restaurant, visitors look through a menu to choose a game. Once your game is delivered, customers can enjoy drinks and snacks as you play the day away!
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